You’re In Control

As the restaurant owner, you need to control what happens in your business. We understand that.

That’s why Order Wizard lets you

 Control bad customer reviews
 Change your websites content yourself
 Add new offers
 Increase your own prices
 Update your menu
 Lengthen your quoted delivery times
 Select which email accounts get copies of orders
 Hold deliveries for today
 See your orders and table bookings online in real time

 Give Gold Club points to your best customers
 Challenge the commission on unfulfilled orders
 See when your next refund is due and how much
 Access all invoices online
 Ask for bespoke email, sms or Facebook campaigns
 Create and manage your offers
 Manage your Facebook page with us
 See who your best customers and dishes are

Sites like Just eat or Hungry House don’t let you have direct contact with your customers.

At Order Wizard we want you to develop relationships with your customers and make a name for yourself in your local community.

Using Order Wizard gives you control over your own website, you can make changes and updates when you want, you can add new offers, you can give Gold Points to your best customers, or if you prefer, you can choose to let us do all that for you.