What you Get with Order Wizard

When you sign up to Order Wizard, you will immediately get access to great things that won’t cost you a penny upfront:

 Clearly identify who your best customers are and what to do with them

 Google visibility that drives customers to your own mobile friendly, branded website

 Fully responsive website that works on all devices

 Includes online table booking system

 Includes online takeaway ordering system with “3-click reordering”

 ‘Smart Waiter’ to increase online order value

 Comes with app

 Your own Facebook page

 Includes ‘refer a friend’ system

 Management dashboard

 Proven loyalty system

 Increased order value and profits

 More frequent visits

 Server maintenance and upgrades

 URL renewals included

When you join Order Wizard you get your own fully responsive website, you are not just an icon in a list of hundreds.

You get your own management dashboard, Google visibility and the ‘Smart waiter’ to increase your order values and profits.

Your customers get rewards from a loyalty system, online table booking and easy ‘3 click reordering’. But most importantly you get happy, loyal customers who will return to your restaurant over and over again!