Order Wizard Pricing

How much do I pay?

Order Wizard only charges you when it sends you an order or a table booking. Sometimes, you pay nothing at all. For example, customers find your website, look up your telephone number, call you and place an order or make a table booking. That’s free.


If a customer is registering for your Gold Club, there’s no commission on those orders either. In fact, the average restaurant pays 4p for each £1 of business Order Wizard sends it through all channels. That means £25 business for each £1 you invest!


We want every order to be profitable for you. One thing you can be sure of, you will never pay more than 9.75% for a takeaway order or £4.50 to book a table, no matter how many people.

How do I pay?

Order Wizard collects money from the online orders.  Twice each month, you receive a refund for the surplus amount over your commissions.

Are there any commission free orders?

Yes, quite a few actually. For example, when a diner registers with your Gold Club, we ask you offer them a small incentive. Since you are already giving up some profit to do this, Order Wizard makes registration promotions commission free.


Many people will also find your website and simply call you to make an order or table booking. Order Wizard doesn’t charge you for this. Or if a table of 8 people books with you, the table booking commission is capped at £4.50. This is why the average restaurant pays only around 4 pence commission on all of the business Order Wizard actually gets for you.

Order Wizard Pricing for Restaurant Marketing