No Shows and your Restaurant Reservations

Restaurant no shows are a big problem for restaurants, people who book a table and then don’t appear are costing the industry billions. Online booking systems can lead to more no shows.

Luckily there is a solution from Showly, helping to reduce your restaurant reservation no shows. Find out more about no shows, their effects and how to reduce them below.

Introducing Showly

Showly is our artificial intelligent restaurant no show reservation management system. The Showly app will review all your reservations and judge the cost of a no show and how likely this is to happen. 

From when the reservation is made to the time of the table is booked, the Showly app will work automatically to help stop this reservation becoming a restaurant no show.

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Showly helps reduce No Shows

No Shows and the Damaging Effect on Restaurants’ Business

July 24, 2019 by Showly

No Shows and the Damaging Effect on Restaurants’ Business

What are No Shows The term ‘no show’ refers to someone who agrees to be somewhere and then doesn’t show up. This could be on a date, a doctor’s appointment, a hairdressers or for a table reserved in a restaurant. The focus of this article will be the no shows at a restaurant, people who … Read more

How to Reduce No Shows

July 24, 2019 by Showly

No shows are becoming more and more common in our current society with people booking tables for restaurants and then not arriving. There are many factors causing this; people being so busy that they forget they have made plans, using a booking system and then not knowing how to cancel the reservation or people thinking … Read more