Can you get him back?

The answer is YES! You can get Matt to come back.

But you need to invite him first

I am going to make this short. You need to contact Matt and tell him about your restaurant. Often. If he enjoyed his last meal with you, he will want to come back. You need to remind him of your restaurant so he will actually pick up the phone or book on your website. He has so many choices, he doesn’t always think of your restaurant first.

Who is Matt Davies?

This might seem obvious, but you can’t talk to people about your restaurant unless you know who they are. You need to collect names and emails of people that dine with you. If you are not already doing so, start today: build your customer list and talk to them regularly.

A suggestion…

Order Wizard collects customer names, contact details and permissions when they book or order on your website. We also run effective email campaigns and other promotions that get customers to come often and spend more