Order Wizard FAQs

About the Order Wizard restaurant marketing system

What it included in the Order Wizard marketing system?

Order Wizard has all the great features you’d expect to market your restaurant.
i) A unique website, branded to you, that sends you table bookings and take away orders
ii) Email campaigns for diner birthdays and to get lost customers ordering again
iii) Free Facebook page
iv) Automated refer a friend programme
v) Professionally designed and copy-written web pages and marketing communications
vi) Real time information about how your marketing is performing and how much money you are making
vii) Control over your website and your brand
viii) A loyalty programme created just for your customers
ix) Online ordering Smart Waiter, automatically upsells diners to higher value options. Generates 10-15% more sales per order.
x) Plus, Order Wizard guarantees to talk to your customers about your restaurant once a week

How does the loyalty programme work?

A. Diners are asked to join your Gold Club and to give you permission to send them offers and news about your restaurant. In exchange for this, diners gain points each time they purchase from you. For each dollar they spend with you, they earn 1 point. Earn 100 points, and they can redeem a £1 voucher off their next purchase. In other words, it’s a very modest 1% discount, but it works. In addition to the points, a small reward is given for joining the Gold Club, such as £2.50 off their first takeaway order. Order Wizard doesn’t feel you should pay us a commission as well as offer a discount, so registration promotions are commission free.

I'd like a smart phone app for my restaurant. Can you provide this?

Yes, Order Wizard can build a unique app, just for your restaurant. There is a development fee, plus a monthly service plan. Please feel free to ask us about current pricing.

Can you run my Google / Facebook campaigns?

Yes! Over the years, we’ve got pretty good at running these campaigns. You simply need to tell us your budget and we’ll do the rest.

Can you run my direct mail campaigns for me?

Yes! Order Wizard has a library of postcards from which you can choose for your direct mail campaigns. Typically, these are done for birthdays or anniversaries of joining your Gold Club, but you’re not restricted to that. In fact, even on relatively small budgets, direct mail can be surprisingly effective.

I want to use QR codes. Do you support these?

Yes, Order Wizard can create as many different bar codes as you like. Some restaurants use them to sign up Gold Club members in their restaurant. Other put them on posters next to a selection of dishes so people can point and order. Either way, Order Wizard can help you achieve your goals.

Who has access to my Gold Club list

You, and only you. Your Gold Club list is never shared with another restaurant or third party without your permission.

Why is Order Wizard different?

Order Wizard is a marketing system. It combines professional quality websites, online ordering and table booking software and smart phone apps to deliver a wide variety of email, social media, text message and online campaigns directly to your customers. Order Wizard isn’t advertising. It’s direct marketing that is accountable and profitable every time.

What do the best performing restaurants do?

Restaurants who get the best results with the Order Wizard system follow 5 simple rules of success.

  • – Only use one website/url in all of your marketing
  • – Create offers for each of your customer groups (i.e. families, singles, students)
  • – Register with Google places
  • – Promote your Gold Club at every opportunity
  • – Set marketing goals – number of Gold Club members, # table bookings, value of online business.

About the Order Wizard Website

How do I update my menu online?

When you log into your website’s control panel, look for the Edit Menu section. Here you can update prices or add/remove menu items. If you do this yourself, it is free. Otherwise, a small charge will apply.

How do I change my menu and prices?

Each Order Wizard website has it’s own online control panel where you can do all sorts of things including menu and pricing updates. You can also see all your orders and table bookings, plus who your best customer are.


Can I add my own pictures or photos?

Yes! They are always the best kind.


What is local SEO?

Most restaurants get 80% of their business from people living within 3 miles. This is why Order Wizard has become very good at local search engine optimisation marketing. In simple terms, we use a combination of years of experience and industry best practice to make your restaurant as visible as possible when diners are searching for a restaurant.


How do I receive my orders?

Order Wizard can send you orders via email, fax, a text message, online, an automated phone call or any combination that suits you best. For example, many restaurants get their orders emailed to their phones, but they have Order Wizard’s automated service call the restaurant to ensure they’ve noticed the email.

I already own a url. Can I use that?

Sure, we don’t mind using your url. Equally, if you don’t have a website address, we can register one for you.


About payment

How much do I pay?

Unlike advertising, Order Wizard only charges you when it sends you an order or a table booking. Better still, sometimes, you pay anything at all. For example, customers find your website, look up your telephone number, call you and place an order or make a table booking. That’s free. If a customer is registering for your Gold Club, there’s no commission on those orders either. In fact, the average restaurant pays 4p for each £1 of business Order Wizard sends it through all channels. That means £25 business for each £1 you invest! We want every order to be profitable for you. One thing you can be sure of, you will never pay more than 9.75% for a takeaway order or £4.50 to book a table, no matter how many people come.

Are there any commission free orders?

Yes, quite a few actually. For example, when a diner registers with your Gold Club, we ask you offer them a small incentive. Since you are already giving up some profit to do this, Order Wizard makes registration promotions commission free. Many people will also find your website and simply call you to make an order or table booking. Order Wizard doesn’t charge you for this. Or if a table of 8 people books with you, the table booking commission is capped at £4.50. This is why the average restaurant pays only around 4 cents commission on all of the business Order Wizard actually gets for you.

What happens if I can't deliver an order or a table booking doesn't come? Do I still have to pay?

No, If you don’t get paid, we don’t see why we should charge you either. For the rare time that this happens, you simply need to login to your website’s control panel online. There is a section called “Challenges”. Enter the order id or the table booking reference number to flag it as a challenged order. If you do so before the end of the month, the charges will be taken off your statement. If you miss month end, the commissions will be deducted from the calendar month during which you made the challenge.

How do I pay?

Order Wizard sends you a statement at the end of each month. Then on the 15th of the following month, your credit card is charged.

Can I pay a fixed rate instead of commissions?

At the beginning, it is often cheaper for a restaurant to pay commission. As the business naturally grows however, it can make sense to move over to a fixed price contract. Order Wizard is happy to work either way. In general, restaurants generating £3,500 or more in online sales each month benefit from being on a fixed price contract.

How long is my contract?

Order Wizard doesn’t have long term contracts. If you’re unhappy with the service, you are free to cancel at any time. All we ask is that you pay your final bill, which seems fair enough.