Restaurant marketing: The single biggest marketing mistake restaurant owners make

Are there too many empty tables in your restaurant?

All restaurants want to grow their sales and their profits. So they invest a lot of time and money in marketing, promotions and advertising. Unfortunately, very few have ever worked through some very simple numbers to determine where they should be investing their marketing budget or their time. We’ve analysed data from hundreds of restaurants. … Read more

Make your marketing happen

Restaurant owners know good online marketing is more than just getting on an aggregator like Deliveroo or Just Eat. You need to promote your restaurant your restaurant online. Alongside your website you need your own loyalty programme with regular contact by email. And then back it up with activity on your social media channels Marketing … Read more

Marmite Wars! Your restaurant’s value is in its brand

Unilever, owner of brands like Marmite and Persil washing powder demanded a sudden 10% price increase from Tesco. Tesco refused to pay up and Marmite started to disappear from the supermarket shelves. Would customers start to defect to ASDA and Sainsburys where they could continue to stock up on their favourite brands? Or would they … Read more