How to Reduce No Shows

Stop sharing your customers with your competitors!

No shows are becoming more and more common in our current society with people booking tables for restaurants and then not arriving. There are many factors causing this; people being so busy that they forget they have made plans, using a booking system and then not knowing how to cancel the reservation or people thinking … Read more

Restaurant & Takeaway Loyalty System

Restaurant loyalty is all about bringing your customers back to you on a regular and consistent basis.  Everything Order Wizard does supports that goal.  Order Wizard never shares your customers. It only markets under your brand. And it put your customers in direct contact with you. It’s the restaurant loyalty system restaurant owners want. Looking … Read more

Restaurant & Takeaway Marketing

Order Wizard is the restaurant marketing system that works for you. It drives customers to your website, restaurant and take-away. It includes a professionally designed website, online ordering, table bookings, social media and email campaigns and much, much more.  If you’re serious about your brand and you’re looking for a Just Eat alternative, Order Wizard delivers the restaurant marketing … Read more

Restaurant Website Design & Development

Order Wizard includes a complete restaurant website design and development service as part of our integrated marketing and loyalty system. Drive customers to your own mobile friendly, branded website Fully responsive so works on all devices Includes online table booking system Includes online takeaway ordering system with “3-click reorderingTM” ‘Smart Waiter’ increases online order value … Read more

Why you need a marketing system

Why you need a marketing system

Key Points Marketing systems automate how you find new customers, keep existing ones andgrow your average order value Marketing systems maximise the profit potential of your restaurant Marketing systems enable you to sell your restaurant for the best price possible When you think about it, it’s a bit of a funny question. Can you imagine … Read more

Making Menus Sell

Key Points Describe your dishes Keep your menu short Offer upgrades to your plain dishes Include a premium version of high volume dishes Don’t forget the takeaway drinks A crucial tool for marketing your restaurant is your menu. Customers use it to choose which dishes to buy and which restaurant to go to. When people … Read more

Order Wizard Access to Facebook

As part of the Order Wizard system we regularly send email campaigns to your customers. We would also like to update your Facebook page with events, offers and updates. In our experience this helps increase your orders. To do this we would like access to your facebook page. This requires 4 simple steps: 1) Login to … Read more

Help, I need a sales force! Charity vouchers

Key Points Restaurant need new customers and charities need new funds Restaurants can use charity volunteers to reach new customers with their voucher scheme Restaurants are always trying to increase their business by either finding new customers or driving up traffic in off peak times. Charities also need to continually raise funds for the good … Read more