Order Wizard makes your marketing happen

It's difficult enough running a restaurant, making sure customers are happy, managing your staff, keeping your standards high, looking after the finances without having to concentrate on marketing. The fact is, you can't afford not to. There is just too much competition for each diner and too many different ways to find him.

Order Wizard does your marketing for you. It gets new customers through your door and keeps existing ones coming back more often Order Wizard comes with your own sales-driven website, Facebook page, loyalty club, online ordering and booking as well as internet promotion. We manage all this for you. We don't just give you the tools and it's up to you, like many systems you might hear about. You don't have time to do all this.

Our job is to make your marketing happen


Order Wizard is for owners who believe they should only pay for marketing when it delivers sales and who believe every order should be profitable.

Order Wizard makes that possible, thanks to low commissions, no upfront fees, and by avoiding big discounts.
If a customer hasn't ordered in the past 90 days, Order Wizard sends them an invitation. Do they have an upcoming birthday? They get an invitation too.

The result? Customers love it. You keep the customer and get more business.
The truth is customers always have a choice of where to eat on an evening, from other restaurants, to ready meals, to cooking at home. It's Order Wizard's job to get them to choose your restaurant instead of the others.

That's why Order Wizard sends your customers relevant and interesting reminders about your restaurant - every week. It keeps your restaurant's name on the tip of everyone's tongue.

Make your marketing happen

We only charge when you get an order. Every customer gets an invite on their birthday and if they haven't dined with you for three months. We talk to your customers every week. These are just three promises that will see an increase in your business but in a profitable way. We will do a lot more for you to up your business and it's all included in the no order – no fee package. Order Wizard is a sophisticated package, but it couldn’t be easier to set up.

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