Fill your tables. Day in. Day out.

  • People don’t seem to know about my restaurant.
  • Diners come once and are never seen again.
  • Not enough people are spending. I am barely breaking even.

Sound familiar? Did you know – that in one easy step you could be on the way to a busier, more profitable restaurant? Where you get more customers, customers come more often, and they spend more each time.
Order Wizard™ is the marketing system that your restaurant or takeaway needs. Have yourself advertised on the Internet. Get a website, designed just for you, with its own friendly table booking and online ordering system. Your Gold Club turns customers into regulars. Each week we email your customers about your restaurant so you are his first choice when looking for a place to eat. Your own Facebook page gets the conversation going about your restaurant …

Order Wizard does all this, and more. The result is more business for your restaurant. You can expect £20, maybe £40, of business for each £1 you invest in Order Wizard. We guarantee you will never get less than £10.25.
Your Branded Order Wizard Marketing WebsiteYour Orderwizard Website

We believe restaurant marketing should:

  • promote your brand exclusively
  • prove its value every time and
  • make your customers happy to receive it

If you believe that too, we should talk…

Interested? Please let us know here. Or call us on 0845 094 8487 to discuss how your Order Wizard marketing system will result in a busier and more profitable restaurant and takeaway.